Spring is near, lets talk about beard care in Spring!

Hey Hairy Man Care Fam,

Sun's out, guns out - which means winter is coming to an end and Spring is approaching, so it is time to look at your beard care routine and see what needs changing to get yourself prepared for the upcoming warmer months.

Let’s talk about EXFOLIATION.

Exfoliate your skin and beard in order to reveal a fresh, handsome complexion.

The beginning of Spring can be a tough time for your skin. If you live in an area with low humidity and cold weather, the lack thereof may cause dryness on top of flakiness. This makes it more likely that dead skin cells will migrate to your beard, clogging up pores and turning into dandruff as they react against sweat or water from facial washings- no one wants those embarrassing white flakes while trying to woo their date! Fortunately, there are steps we can take at home: 1) Exfoliate regularly using Hairy Man Care’s Dead Sea Salt and Coffee Scrub 2) Wash your beard and face 3) Use premium quality beard care products such as oils and butters designed specifically for your mane.

WASH your beard for a fresh smelling beard.

Combat bad beard odor this spring by combatting your beard with some natural, sulfate, paraben and foaming agent FREE shampoo and conditioner. As the weather starts to warm up, our sebum production rises leading us to create an oil slick on our skin and face, that can lead to funky smells no one wants near them! Fight off these nasty odors by washing your facial hair about 2 to 3 times per week - but not too often because it will dry out. As we mentioned before, look for sulfate free products as they are gentler on sensitive skin. (what's more manlier than taking care of yourself right?).


What, are you serious?

Beard oil and balm will make sure your beard is moisturized no matter the time of year. But when spring rolls around, it is important to monitor how much you use because there tends to be more humidity in the air now than when winter first started. Start with 2-3 drops of beard oil and a little scoop of beard balm per day before adding more as necessary or if needed at all!

COMB AND BRUSH your beard mate!

It's time to groom your beard! Get out the brush and comb and start from the top. Use a bristle brush for the short facial hair and a comb for the long facial hair. When you brush and comb your beard, you’re stimulating the blood circulation, bringing forth nutrients to skin and beard to foster healthy beard growth. It also distributes oils evenly through your beard, so your beard looks shiny rather than greasy (especially important during the spring as you produce more natural oil).

So fam, it is pretty simple right? Exfoliate your skin and beard, use a natural shampoo and conditioner 2 to 3 times per week, comb and brush your beard regularly and then start with using a small amount of beard oil and balm. You can always increase the quantities you use based on your skin type and condition. Now you are SPRING READY!


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