Along with beard oil, beard butter, a top-rated beard shampoo, beard conditioner, a best beard balm and moustache wax should definitely be part of your beard care regiment.

      Whether you want to get rid of flaky skin or also known as beardruff, prevent beard itch, soften your mane, grow thicker hair, or just keep your beard clean moisturized, our beard balms and moustache waxes collection set will help you achieve your goals.

      Have you been on the hunt for men’s beard balms that can give you an impeccably kept mane that looks strong yet healthy and neat at the same time? The chase is finally over. Hairy Man Care has exactly what you need to keep your beard in pristine shape with a fresher and thicker texture. Plus, you can be rid of those unruly and annoying stray hairs that cannot be tamed by beard oils alone.

      Not only do you get a more dapper-looking beard but one that is healthier and free of beardruff and itchy patches. Our amazing beard balms will reduce dandruff and prevent itchiness by keeping your mane clean and moisturised throughout the day. This is because we use the highest quality organic and natural ingredients that hydrate your skin and stimulate healthier beard growth.

      How To Apply Hairy Man Care’s Beard Balms in Four Easy Steps

      Step #1 – Get a Small Amount

      Take out about a pea-sized amount using a finger. You can use your nail to scrape out the balm if you are finding it hard to take out the product.

      Step #2 – Spread On Your Palms

      Soften the balm by spreading it on your palms and using both hands to rub it around. The heat generated by rubbing will make it softer and easier to apply.

      Step #3 – Rub It on Your Skin First

      Using your fingers, rub it on the skin underneath your beard. Press it in thoroughly to ensure you get an even distribution throughout.

      Step #4 – Put It on Your Beard

      Start putting the balm on your beard by rubbing your open hands in a swiping motion from the bottom and slowly working your way up. You can then use a beard comb or brush to spread the product evenly and get rid of little chunks. Once done, now you’re ready to take on the world!


      All products are handmade in Perth, Western Australia.

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      Amazing Benefits Of Using Hairy Man Care's Beard Oils

      Can Hairy Man Care Beard Oils really make your mane look more majestic? The answer is a resounding YES! But using the best beard oil for men will not just turn your facial hair into a picture of magnificence, there’s a lot more than meets the eye. Here are the 11 amazing benefits of using Hairy Man Care Men’s Beard Oil.

      1.Increase The Moisture In Your Skin

      You can shield your skin from harsh conditions like the blistering heat of the sun or inclement weather by letting the beard oil build a defencive wall of moisture.

      2.Improve Hair Conditioning and Moisturising

      You protect your hair from dust and dryness by allowing the beard oil to saturate every follicle to condition and moisturise it so you create an organic armour.

      3.Create a Fresh and Healthy Glow

      You can make your mane look noticeably healthy and well nourished by enabling the beard oil to imitate the organic oils from your skin to make it look full of life.

      4.Strengthen Your Hair to Avoid Breakage

      You can reinforce your hair with vitamins and minerals so that they can become stronger and withstand physical and environmental causes of brittleness and weakness.

      5.Soothe Dryness and Itchiness of Your Skin

      You can moisturise the skin underneath your beard to stop dehydration, swelling, redness, irritation from the dry and itchy affected areas.

      6.Minimise Chances of Growing Acne

      You can cleanse trapped dirt and other substances that cause acne to grow by letting the beard oil go deep into your hair follicles to flush all the grime out.

      7.Stimulate Healthier Growth of Hair

      You can improve how blood circulates throughout your beard area by allowing the beard growth oil to clear blockages that prevent healthy hair from flourishing.

      8.Delay Grey Hairs from Appearing

      You can put off premature greying of your hair by utilising the age defying vitamins, minerals, and nutrients provided by Hairy Man Care's beard oils.

      9.Maintain a Softer and Smoother Skin

      You can keep your skin feeling silky smooth and considerably soft by letting the men’s beard oil increase the moisturisation in and around your mane.

      10.Prevent Hair Tangling and Clumping

      You can detangle your beard hairs and minimise the chances of them clumping by allowing the men’s beard oil to free each strand naturally and easily.

      11.Make Your Beard Smell Great

      You can make your beard smell absolutely amazing and fresh by letting the natural aromatics from the oil seep into every hair follicle.

      So, there you go, these are the 11 amazing benefits you gain from using Hairy Man Care Men’s Beard Oils. If you’re not convinced, you don’t have to take our word for it. You can ask the 1000+ five-star reviews we’ve gotten from men throughout Australia.

      What are you waiting for? Check out our shop to get the best beard oil Australia has to offer. Let Hairy Man Care Men’s Beard Oil turn your mane from lifeless to legendary!