Alopecia Barbea and how to fill in a patchy beard

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In this blog post, let's discuss about Alopecia Barbea and how to fill in a patchy beard.

Are you noticing bald spots on your beard?

This is known as Alopecia Barbae, this condition often attacks most men who may have tried to grow out a beard. Whether you have just started battling while looking for solutions for beard patches for years, this article will offer the information you need to know to fix bald, patchy beards or even tackle alopecia barbea.

What is Alopecia Barbae?

This form of baldness branches from Alopecia Areata. This is an auto-immune disease, which means the body’s immune system attacks the healthy cells, in this case, the hair follicles. Alopecia Barbae is a specific form of Alopecia Areata, which comes on abruptly and you start losing beard hair in small circular patches.

Causes for Alopecia Barbae.

This is an auto-immune disease that attacks hair follicles, specifically your beards. While the specific causes of getting bald spots on your beard are currently unknown, stress and genetics play a major role. It is often connected to people you are related to who have allergies, alopecia, or asthma.

Having relatives who have an auto-immune disease puts you at a higher risk margin of developing Alopecia Barbae. These auto immune conditions may include; lupus, type 1 diabetes, or, certain medication.

Testosterone may also play a part, in which hair follicles are sensitive to fluctuating levels of hormones. If you notice rapid thinning or a random appearance of bald patches, you should check with your doctor, but it is important to note that just because you have a thinner beard, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have low testosterone, you are likely in an ordinary range.

What are the symptoms of beard bald spots (Alopecia Barbae)

It is not simple to predict how Alopecia Barbae will develop. Hair loss usually happens within a few days to a few weeks. There is usually an itch, some inflammation, or slight pain in the affected area. The area is sometimes described as a smooth feel or in some cases, a rough feel to the bald patch.

Here are some tips you may consider that can control or avert your bald beard patches in the future. 

1] Make some lifestyle changes.

Living a healthier lifestyle is important to everyone trying to curb certain ailments and one of them is Alopecia. Something as simple as taking a walk every day or lifting some weights at your local gym significantly increases testosterone (which is a great way of stimulating your androgen receptors) In short, working out helps you grow out your beard. You should get a lot of sleep because your body rebuilds and recharges itself while you are having a nap. More importantly, restful sleep may also work as a natural beard filler since men who sleep more have significantly higher testosterone levels for the following day.

2] Seek medical intervention and use natural remedies.

If you find that Alopecia Barbae is affecting your quality of life or you would like to figure out what’s causing it, see a dermatologist or doctor. There are a few natural remedies that can be used in taking care of bald patches on your beard. They include;

Using a mix of natural and organic carrier oils with rosemary essential oil and ginger oil.

Daily use of Hairy Man Care’s Beard and Hair Serum is a perfect remedy to tackle this condition. Hairy Man Care’s Beard and Hair serum is a blend of organic carrier oils, rosemary essential oil and ginger oil, proven to stimulate growth and help fill in patchy beards.

Regular use of a dermaroller.

Dermarolling also known as needling, is a natural remedy for alopecia barbea. Studies have shown that regular and consistent use of a dermaroller helps stimulate collagen under the skin. The use of a dermaroller also helps improve blood circulation, so the result of this simple practice every 2-3 nights can help fill in a patchy beard.


Trimming helps the beard with patchy cheeks can be made fuller looking with just some good trimming and beard sculpting. This helps to form a visual image of less patchy facial hair, as you probably have more density on the jaw and neck area than you do on the cheeks.

Give it time.

A proper beard takes time to grow out, but most men are impatient and give up too early in the process. This is usually because the beard may be itchy as it grows, which is normal. Some may also give up due to the appearance of bald patches, but that’s okay, you should see it through to conclude if you do have a problem, or if the patches will slowly improve over time as your beard grows.

Men are sometimes harsh on themselves and don’t appreciate their progress, but compare it with others who have had time to fully grow out a healthy beard.

Set some goals and targets on how long you can go without interfering with your beards. Give your beard a chance to grow out for at least 2-3 months, if it doesn’t make an impression you may shave it off, but give your beard a chance.

3] Invest in the right products, invest in Hairy Man Care's beard care products.

Looking for the right products for your beard is generally challenging because people rush to buy miracle beard growth formulas. You cannot skip the meticulous process involved in taking care of your beard. Using the right products, you can take some steps when caring for your beard the right way.

Beard shampoo and beard conditioner- The first step in the beard grooming routine. The hair on your face is more coarse and wiry than the one on your head but the skin underneath is more sensitive. So you must be careful to have the right beard shampoo and beard conditioner for your sensitive skin.

Beard butter- Unlike a beard shampoo and beard conditioner, the beard butter is a leave-in-conditioner. This means that the moment your beard has dried from the shower, this product is added to ease the itch, which ultimately leads to more beard growth.

Beard oil- This adds moisture and helps to prevent itchiness. The extra nourishment from the beard oil promotes healthy beard growth.

Beard brush- One of the most under-valued items in your grooming arsenal may be the beard brush. It removes impurities, directs beard hair, and stimulates blood flow. A beard brush is crucial in giving your beard the perfect habitat to flourish.

4] Eat right.

When learning how to fill in a patchy beard, one item that often gets overlooked is a healthy diet. Not only does junk food affect your health, but a bad diet can also affect beard growth as well. If you eat a healthy diet with a healthy balance of vitamins and nutrients, your beard will benefit.

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