Beard Care in Winter

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Gone are the days when having a beard made you look like a hippie, lumberjack, or something way worse.  Although there have been great strides towards making the beard, an accessory, or statement piece for any occasion. Nowadays, most men struggle with maintaining a good-looking beard during the colder, drier, winter months.

So, can it be done? Here are a few tips on how you can have the perfect beard all through winter without losing your mind over it.

First of all, winter is dry, so the last thing you want is anything that could strip your beard hair of any precious moisture. For this reason, we recommend you limit the number of times you use your beard shampoo to once or twice a week max.

This ensures that moisture is not lost during cleansing. Instead, use warm water to cleanse it, then pack on some leave in beard conditioner to help soften, and impart nutrients and moisture.

Use Hairy Man Care's hair, skin, beard butters to ensure that all moisture is replenished back and sealed in. A good moustache wax comes in handy too.

Start by dialling down your shower from hot to warm, avoid using any beard heat brushes or blow dryers and just opt for combs, and brushes to keep your beard looking neat. Since heat is a natural dehydrator, the last thing you want is your beard lacking moisture, having split ends, breaking, or even bald spots.

With all this cold, imagine what it could do to your beard. Ice, snow, and cold water leave your beard dry and prone to breakage. Use a beard mask and regular winter scarf to cover up when it’s too cold or snowing and ensure that you pat-dry with a microfiber towel if it gets caught in the snow. (for the bearded brethren who live up in the snowy mountains)

Sometimes, no matter what we want, it’s not possible to win against nature. Keep your scissors close for when your beard needs a good trim whether from split ends, excessive growth that needs re shaping, or simply damage due to the cold.

Keep in mind that if the beard is frizzy and damaged, there is very little you can do especially in unforgiving weather. Sometimes, quit while you are ahead. Keep it in lengths you can easily work with and grow it out as the winter months fade away.


It is possible to maintain a healthy beard in winter but for this to happen, preparations, routines, and regimens have to be followed long before winter comes around. It is virtually impossible to have the beard of your dreams overnight.

Just like in hair, you can opt to co-wash your beard and then use shampoos every week to get rid of any build-up, debris, and dirt. This helps keep your beard clean and moisturized without taking away from the moisture content.

As a parting shot, a humidifier is also a great investment in the cold months. They are a great way of adding some humidity to your skin, throat, and hair by opening up your pores and breathing tract. You are allowed to add a few drops of your favourite essential oil(s) to your humidifier and watch it work its magic in your beard.

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