Bee Honey and Neem Face Wash - It's Benefits and So Much More...

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Honey and Neem are two of nature's best MVPs - that's right MVPs! Not only these ingredients are great to consume and they also work really well for the skin, hair and beard.

It takes patience, time, the right food, exercise, plenty of water and the right products for the body and skin. Hence why it is important to use products which are made with natural and organic ingredients.

Let's talk about honey and it's benefits.

Honey is what's called a natural humectant (draws moisture into the skin). If your skin is in need of a hydrating boost, this is the perfect ingredient.

Honey is also one of the oldest skin-care ingredient and has been used extensively for both medical and skin-care purposes. If you've got skin issues, honey's a great go-to because it tackles many of the major ones. It has antibacterial properties, anti inflammatory properties, and it nurtures the skin. You might not think of the thick, sweet stuff as a salve for breakouts, but honey's antibacterial powers are so strong that it can also help with acne.


1) Cleanses pores: As we mentioned above, Honey is naturally antibacterial, it is one of the reasons it makes for a great face wash. Remove dirt and debris while mildly cleansing and moisturizing the skin.

2) Treats Acne: Due to its immense anti-fungal properties, you can use the Honey and Neem Face Wash as a cleanser to help with acne. For a more potent effect, raw honey can be left on breakouts to help them heal faster.

3) Fade Scars: Honey contains trace amounts of hydrogen peroxide. This might give it mild lightening properties, which is particularly helpful when it comes to resolving pesky post-acne marks and hyperpigmentation.

We source only the best natural and organic ingredients from local businesses. Hence why we have chosen our local small business Hoglin's Bee Honey's raw honey for our Honey and Neem Face Wash.

Don't forget to check them out and give them a follow to #supportlocalbusiness.

Let's talk about the other main ingredient and it's benefits - NEEM!

First of all, what the hell is NEEM?

Neem (Azadirachta indica) is a type of evergreen tree native to India. Neem is used in Ayurvedic medicine to treat or prevent certain health problems. People believed that it can reduce pain, preserve eyesight, boost the immune system, and protect against heart or liver disease. In addition to these amazing health benefits, Neem leaves were also used for the skin and hair.


1) Treats Acne: Among the various uses of neem for the skin is its efficacy in fighting pimples and breakouts. Neem has anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties that keep bacteria and fungal infections away. Fighting acne is among the many benefits of neem oil for the skin. A non-comedogenic, it zaps excess oil from the skin, preventing acne and blackheads.

2) Anti-Ageing: One of the best benefits of neem for the skin is its anti-ageing properties. The presence of vitamin E and fatty acids in neem facilitates collagen production, which helps maintain the elasticity of your skin while reducing fine lines and wrinkles. 

3) Perfect Skin Toner: Neem is an astringent, which makes it a natural skin toner. Using neem as a toner can reduce pores and dry out pimples and acne on your skin.

So it was a no-brainer for us to continue with this amazing natural ingredient for Hairy Man Care's Bee Honey and Neem Face Wash. Now that you have read and know the benefits of this product, what are you waiting for? Make sure to jump online and make your purchase now ;)

Handmade in Perth, Western Australia in collaboration with Hoglin Honey Bees.

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