December 2021 Newsletter

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December can be a hectic time for all of us, between pressure from work to get things done before the end of the year, to what feels like a hundred social commitments it can be easy to feel overwhelmed.

So here at Hairy Man Care, we would like to take this time to make sure you check in and look after yourself. The silly season can also be a time to be, well, silly! That's why this month on the blog we give you a run down on how to make your beard the most festive it can be. 

If you didn't get a chance to read our December 2021 blog, the link is attached below for you;

Festive Beards | Hairy Man Care

November was a huge month for us Hairy Men. For Movember we committed to donating 10% of our online sales, this was a huge success and we were able to donate $552 to a great cause highlighting men's health. We also had a Kiosk at the Men's Talk Expo at Scarborough beach.

Men's Talk is an amazing organization about prioritizing men's mental health and helping to create safe spaces for men to talk and to look after themselves, a movement that we here at Hairy Man Care, love to support. It was a great day out with some beautiful weather and great people. Last but not least, in November we also launched a brand new product in collaboration with Hoglin Honey Bees, a small Perth business that rescues bees and relocates them in a beautiful field on their property. This product is a stunning reformulated honey and neem facewash, great for the skin and the soul when supporting small Aussie businesses.

Coming up we have a couple of things to share with you. First the Perth City store will be stopping seven days a week trading in Mid-Jan 2022, so come down and visit us on your lunch break while you can. We are also possibly doing a boxing day sale ;), so come and see us and grab a deal.

In other exciting news we are also launching our Summer beard oil pack. This will include three of your summertime favorites, plus a new limited edition oil. We can't wait to share this fantastic product with you. Before we leave you this month, let me give you a beard tip from one hairy man to another. Did you know, our products work best at body temperature? When using our products, especially the beard butter, work it between your hands for a minute. This makes the scent its most fragrant and also means that your skin and beard will absorb it a lot better. 

Have a fantastic holiday season hairymen and families, and you'll hear from us soon!


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