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The silly season is upon us, and if you are anything like me you have been inundated with social engagements for the sake of the festive season. So we thought we would give you some fun ways to make a statement at your parties this year with two fantastic festive beard trends. 

Before we get into the tutorials and tips, we must of course start with beard care. For the looks we are creating today, we recommend starting with your beard oil and then the beard balm. For the holidays we can recommend the Lumberjack blend, which has a great festive scent of pine, sandalwood, and eucalyptus peppermint. The beard oil will give your beard moisture, shine and nourishment it needs and; it will help you wear your new style with pride. 

With the beard oil out of the way, let’s talk about Glitter Beards. Youtube is full of tutorials, and the internet is full of pictures. It’s a fad that doesn’t seem to die, and why should it? Its fun and festive and a great statement to take into a party.

Before going crazy with the glitter there are a couple of important steps. First you need to make sure you are happy with the shape of your beard. The glitter will highlight any imperfections, so this is where you crack out the Lumberjack beard balm, and make sure you have those stray hairs under control. Use the tip of your thumb to scrape the required amount of beard balm, place it on your palm, warm it up really well, smell it and take it in before running it on your glorious festive beard.

Next we spray is a light layer of hairspray before another layer of beard oil. This gives you not only the shape, but a nice sticky base for the glitter to hang onto. 

Now, some tutorials will tell you to rub glitter though your beard as if you are washing it, but not only will this be a nightmare to wash out, it won’t give you that shining beacon of glitter that will make you the center of the party. 

What we recommend is that you tip your head back, and gently shake the glitter onto your beard, giving you that full coverage, then another light spray of hairspray to cement it into place, giving you the security to go and live your best festive beard life.

Now, if glitter beards are not your thing, we have another look for you, a more traditional vibe, with some beard ornamentation. Beard decoration has been used in many ancient cultures, from Vikings to ancient Sumerians. The idea was to show off your wealth, but why not take this long held custom and use it to show off your festive cheer. 

As before we need to start with rubbing some beard oil through to make your beard shine and smell amazing. Then take some little crocodile clips (you can buy these at most pharmacies), and some mini ornaments. String the ornaments through the clip tines, and decorate away. This look is really only limited by your imagination. Many stores have mini ornaments, and here are some we think would look amazing.


We hope you have a fantastic festive and holiday season #hairymancarefam, tag us on your socials if you do a festive beard and want to show it off!


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