Want a fuller, healthier beard? Avoid these 5 ingredients.

Dear Ladies and Hairy Men,

As we all can see and know for a fact that beards are here to stay, many personal care products for men are hitting shelves around the country. Never has there been so many options available for men to choose from. It is no secret that most men need a little extra moisture to keep their beards from becoming dry, wiry, and brittle and it can be overwhelming and time-consuming trying to find the right product when you are finally ready to grow a healthy beard. During the search for the right products, it is important that you are not:

1. Using your regular body wash or soap bar as a cleanser for your beard.

2. Purchasing the first product you see on the shelf with a cool label and a pocket-friendly price.

3. Borrowing your partner’s hair care products for your beard. (doesn’t work like that mate!)

For men, especially, it is vital that the grooming products you choose hydrate your facial hair and the skin beneath it. Unfortunately, many store-bought products dry out your skin and strip your facial hair of necessary oils leaving you with a brittle beard, sharp enough to cut anyone who comes near your face, no wonder you are not getting those kisses!

In fact, this is one of the reasons women say they don’t like men with beards. (true story) But Hairy Man Care has got you covered.

Here is a list of the top five ingredients TO AVOID when purchasing the right product for you:

Isopropyl Alcohol

Companies choose to use alcohol in grooming products for its cleaning properties ignoring the fact that, while alcohol stripes out unnatural products from your beard, it also takes away natural oils and moisture which are the two key ingredients you need for a healthy, touchable beard. Hence why at Hairy Man Care we handcraft beard care products that give you both moisture and oils.


Sulfates are often found in the ingredients list for shampoos and conditioners. You will find this commonly in shampoos sitting on the shelves of your local supermarkets. Like isopropyl alcohol, they can dry out hair, making it more fragile, and encouraging split ends. You don’t want this do you? Hence why at Hairy Man Care we handcraft our shampoo and conditioner bases made from organic coconut, sunflower, and castor oils.

Mineral Oil

At first, this ingredient seems like it would be great! Yet, mineral oil works against your end goal of a full, healthy, and shiny beard. It has similar properties to petroleum which means it's more likely to over-hydrate your beard which can slow or stop healthy cell production.


Immediately discontinue any beard products you use which has chlorine in them! Chlorine, like sulfate, is a natural dehydrating ingredient that will leave your beard dry and prone to split ends. Again, you don’t want this!

Polyethylene Glycol

This ingredient can cause you to lose hair. Unfortunately, this ingredient can be found in many grooming products because of its low cost and adaptable nature. It dries out your beard and makes it stiff and crunchy; the exact opposite touch anyone desires to have for their beard.  

Growing a beard will take time, trust me I know this!

For a beard, you can love, choose products with natural and organic ingredients that help strengthen and restore your hair’s natural pH balance. Avoiding the above ingredients and using natural products on your beard can help you experience better, faster and healthier results.

For a list of the ingredients used in Hairy Man Care’s products, visit our online store here.


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