How To Apply Beard Oil

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On this blog post, let's discuss everything about beard oils and how to use a beard oil.

Having a well-kept beard is something worth showing off. Especially if it is well groomed, a beard can make you feel good about yourself, because when you oil your beard, it really makes the difference. Beard oil acts as a conditioner for your beard and especially the skin beneath it.

Your beard’s overall health and appearance are determined by the sebum produced by the skin underneath your beard. However, sebum is stripped away every time you wash your beard with harsh soaps and detergents. Beard oil comes in and replenishes the moisture levels in your beard and skin keeping it from drying up and becoming brittle.

In this article, we will learn about the step-by-step application of beard oil, which will assist to stimulate beard growth and overall nourishment. Below are a few frequently asked questions we should clarify before and after the application of your beard oil.


Beard oil can be used every day in the morning and evening hours towards bedtime. The truth is, most men barely have any idea of how much beard oil to use, or whether it can be used every day.

If the area you live in is dry, more oil drops are required to balance out the moisture on your beards. It is all right to use some beard oil after a swim to replenish your beard’s moisture. It is recommended to use beard oil as soon as your beard starts growing. So, whether it is short or long beard, beard oil is important!


The best time to use and apply beard oil is after a warm shower or straight after you wash your face with some luke warm water. The skin pores open up and hair follicles will be more responsive to the beard oil. This can be done before noon and at night, before bedtime if you like. Alternatively, you can use Hairy Man Care's beard butter before bed time.


The main benefits of using beard oil will not be seen immediately upon using your beard oil. Once you have used the beard oil, it may take up to a few weeks of consistent use before you feel the softening and conditioning effects. Your hands are more or less the main tools to use when you have stubble or a short beard, but a beard comb or beard brush can help if you have a long beard. It is preferable to use a wooden beard comb with either a narrow or wide division.


You may experience a bit of a greasy feel on your beards after a while. It is advisable to leave it on for 5-10 minutes for the oil absorption. After enough time has elapsed, you may put other products on your beards. You may wash up at the end of the day to avoid the product clogging your pores. It’s great to have the best aka Hairy Man Care's beard oils in your hair and beard grooming collection, but it is another thing altogether when you don’t know the right way to apply it. Here is the step-by-step process to follow when applying beard oil.

Step 1: Have the right amount of beard oil set for your beard. (Normally 4-6 drops)

It is prudent to know how many drops of oil to use at what stage your beard is in. Too much, and your beard will be too oily, too little and it wouldn’t be able to prevent dryness. If your beard is one month old, 3-4 drops are used. If your beard has passed months to a year, 10-12 drops are used.


- Apply beard oil daily regardless the length of your beard.

- Avoid too much beard oil if you live in a humid area, the climate is moisture friendly already.

Step 2: Shower or wash your beard with warm water before the application of your beard oil.  

Warm water is essential before applying beard oil. This helps your skin pores open up. After your shower or warm face wash, follow with drying your beard with a microfiber towel. After lightly drying your beard, you may apply the beard oil.


- Avoid regular use of a hair dryer, it can damage your hair follicles. - Rub your hands until your palms are fully covered in beard oil and gently brush and massage your palms, fingers through your beards.

Step 3: Comb your beard.

A wooden comb or a wooden bristle beard brush is the recommended choice when grooming your beard. Wooden combs
are anti-static and almost never have rough edges, which means you don't have to worry about pulling on your beard and causing breakage.


The right beard oils protect against folliculitis, which is an inflamed hair follicle caused by bacterial or fungal infections. It is important to note that beard oils with silicones, parabens, and sulfates are not to be used, because they strip all your sebum and nutrients and leave your hair worse than it may have been before. Determining the best beard oil to use boils down to what works best for your beard.

Finally, don’t miss your regular routine when grooming your beard,
consistency is key. Good luck!

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