How to grow a beard faster

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Whether this is your first attempt at growing a beard or you have the most patchy beard and need a little TLC to help it thrive, this piece is definitely where you need to be to get all the information you may need to kick start that beard journey.

So, can a beard grow any faster than it should? The truth is it CAN NOT. This is because hair grows half an inch every month averaging about six inches a year. However, there are things you can do to help you all that growth, constituting to having gained length faster.

Here are a few tips you might want to start implementing to see significant growth in your beard;

Having the right products and tools may help you care for your beard but that’s just the superficial and easy part. You have to take care of yourself from within as well. Your physical, mental, spiritual, and even psychological aspects have to be one.

What do you eat? Do you get enough sleep? How high are your stress levels? These are the most important questions to look into before you embark on your beard growth journey. Since everything is connected, you can’t possibly think that things will just figure themselves out.

A good wholesome and balanced diet inclusive of protein, whole grains, and healthy fats like avocado, sweet potatoes, nuts, and seeds is great at providing all the nutrients you need. Whereas supplements like Zinc, Iron, and Biotin are some of the best things to have on your nutrition list.

Regular exercise, upping your water intake, and getting enough rest, are also good at keeping your stress levels in check. Stress has been proven to cause hair loss. Moreover, a lot of positive affirmations about your beard are meant to help materialize whatever you truly want.

Remember, you manifest what you think about and nothing more so avoid any negative self-talk.

There is a very fine line between skin and beard care. For one to thrive, the other has to also be doing just as well. Remember to cleanse your face every day, exfoliate every few days to remove dead skin and open up your pores, moisturize, and use sunscreen and serums that elevate your skin.

Massage your skin around your beard area to stimulate blood flow which in turn opens up the follicles thus promoting growth.

As mentioned earlier, beard and skincare are blurry and equally as important. Ensure that you have the right products and stick to them. Invest in a quality beard shampoo, conditioner, lotion, and beard oil to help keep your hair cleansed, moisturized, and sealed.

When you have dirt, and debris in your beard, breakouts are prevalent and may lead to stunted growth. Moisture reduces the chances of breakage, split ends, and damage thus maintaining the integrity of your beard.

Using different products every so often could also derail any progress since all products have compounds that may affect your skin and beard in a way that other products don’t.

Although smoking is not directly linked to stunting hair growth, it is linked to many other harmful things. Hair loss and breakage can stem from diseases like cancer and thyroid disease. For this reason, smoking should be avoided at all costs to avoid complications stemming from smoke inhalation.

Winter is cold and dry. These conditions are terrible for any kind of hair growth. Limit the times you wash your beard with shampoo, always use a conditioner, use great beard oil, and remember to cover it with your scalp to protect it from the harsh weather.

Limit the use of heat since it will further dehydrate your beard causing breakage and damage. Finally, keep your water intake high and eat a balanced meal.

Taking a dip in salty or chlorinated water is quite harmful to your hair. Chlorine turns hair a bluish-green hue which means that there is the oxidation of copper in the water. It also makes hair dry, brittle, and prone to breakage. Whereas salty water dehydrates the beard.

You can start by saturating it with fresh water before the swim, this helps your beard absorb enough water such that it does not have to absorb any more salty/chlorinated water. When you finally take a swim, your follicles have enough fresh water to keep the rest out of your follicles.

After taking the swim, clarify your beard. You can clarify or exfoliate with your shampoo, clay, or mask of choice. This is because chlorine can cause damage and a regular shampoo may not be equipped enough to take on this role.

Condition your beard with Hairy Man Care's beard butters to re-introduce moisture back to your hair then use a beard balm to seal the moisture in.

All good things take time. Stop thinking about it as hair growth and shift your perception towards health. Since there is nothing you can do to make your hair grow any faster, concentrate on the health of your hair instead.

When your skin is healthy, the beard will grow longer, it will increase in thickness and seal all those patches that have plagued you for years.


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