How to grow a healthy beard and maintenance

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So, we have identified that you can successfully grow a decent beard. The problem is that you can neither get it to grow longer nor even thicker. Worry not, we are going to help you achieve that mane you’ve been yearning for without as much as a sweat.

Get enough rest.
A 2015 study showed that men who restricted sleep daily affected their testosterone levels. In another similar study, there was a clear indication that sleep deprivation was responsible for a hormonal disturbance that negatively affected the growth hormones of ten men who did not sleep for 48 hours.
Apart from sleep, stress can also negatively affect beard growth by the release of the hormone cortisol, and restriction of vitamins and nutrients from freely flowing to your hair follicles, thus stunting any kind of growth.
Additionally, stress-related alopecia can also cause thinning, shedding, or patches in your hair. SO REST WELL!

Your lifestyle determines it all.
What is your workout regimen? Do you even have one? Habits form routines that can make or break your growth cycle. Ensure that you take regular jogs, go for runs, cycle, and maintain an overall healthy lifestyle not just for your beard, but for your health as well.
Do you eat right? Having the right diet guarantees that your hair gets all the nutrients necessary for growth. Your diet should have whole grains, fruits, leafy greens, lean meats, seeds, and nuts. These foods are jam-packed nutritional goodies that boost healthy growth.

On that note, do not forget your daily vitamins and supplements that are meant to boost your diet and supplement whatever may be missing from the aid diet. Protein, Zinc, Iron, Vitamin A, and Biotin are some of the best for beard growth.

Hydration is also very important. Water expels any toxins in your body whilst promoting blood flow and hydration of the body and hair from the inside out. Avoid carbonated drinks, alcoholic beverages, and any processed or drinks that have added artificial sweeteners.

Proper care for your beard.
Having a great beard care routine is just as important when it comes to beard growth. Ensure that you have the right products for ‘wash day.’ This means that all your products must also be perfect for your facial care.

These products are;
1] A beard shampoo.
2] Beard conditioner.
3] Beard oil/ Beard butter/ Beard balm.
4] Moustache wax.
5] Beard brush.
6] Beard comb.

Apart from all these products, remember to trim when the need arises, avoid the use of too much heat, exfoliate your skin and keep it moisturized, and make proper use of sunscreen.
However, there are some things to consider before investing in cleansers. Know your skin type and buy a beard shampoo and conditioner suited for it. For example; if your skin is oily, get a beard shampoo and conditioner that works for you. Your beard shampoo and conditioner should also be 100% natural, paraben and sulfate-free should your skin be too dry and sensitive.

Treat any underlying issues like psoriasis, eczema, skin dermatitis, and even beard dandruff.
DO NOT use your regular hair shampoo no matter how natural it is because it is specially made for your scalp, not your facial skin.

After this, it’s time for the cleansing to start;
Dampen your beard in lukewarm water. NEVER HOT WATER!
Apply a dime-sized of the beard shampoo and conditioner and massage it into your beard making sure to work it onto your skin.
Rinse thoroughly with clean warm water making sure that all the cleansing product is completely rinsed out. Pat dry with a clean towel. You can also use a blow dryer to ensure that it’s completely dry by holding it 6-8 inches away from your face and using a low heat setting.
Apply your favorite Hairy Man Care's leave in conditioning beard butter or beard oil and comb out your beard. This process will help to lock in all that moisture to keep your beard well hydrated.

Trim for a fresher look.
There is just something sexy, timeless, classy, and dignified about a well-trimmed and outlined beard. Should the thought of trimming your beard be too much for you, worry not. Seek out a professional barber who understands the texture, density, and vision you have for your beard to execute the task and relieve you of any anxiety. Make sure to check out our barber stockists who do a great job in taming manes.
But, should you be more adventurous, daring, and willing to learn how to do your beard with the right tools for the job.

Here is what you need;
1] An electric trimmer.
2] A manual razor/cut throat razor.
3] A beard brush.
4] A beard comb.
5] A reliable mirror(s).

Start by combing out your hair to reveal any irregularities in length and to remove any knots and tangles. Since beard hair grows out unevenly, you are going to need to shape it for a neater and more polished look. Ensure that your beard trimmer is of high quality and contains multiple attachments to aid in the trimming process so that you don’t carve out chunks of hair leading to bald spots. Comb it out after every trim so you can see just how level it is.
Use a cut throat razor or a moustache/beard scissor to shape your moustache as well for a uniform look.

Join us next time as we talk more in-depth about how to trim step by step. At Hairy Man Care, we are dedicated to giving you the best information with all the tools and products you could ever want for.


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