How to stop an itchy beard

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Having an itchy beard is one of the most annoying things especially when you are new to beard care. The itch can be so overwhelming to the point where your skin is inflamed and sensitive. However, there are a few ways you can keep your beard looking good and completely itch-free.

Address any skin, beard and hair issues ahead of time.

Having break-outs, in-grown hair, acne, dandruff, inflamed skin, or razor cuts/bumps may cause a lot of itchiness. These issues should be dealt with ahead of time. This allows hair to grow and thrive without having itchy and inflamed skin.

Buy hypoallergenic products, change your shaving razor often, and only shave along the grain not against it. Use natural lotions and aftershave because they lack any harsh chemicals, don’t cause irritations, and are good for your skin.


Clean it regularly.

Cleansing your beard regularly could significantly reduce your itching problem. Make sure that your shampoo is meant for your beard, and does not contain any parabens, sulfates, or harsh chemicals that could breed more problems.

Additionally, make sure that your water is not hot, but rather warm so you don’t harm your follicles or skin. Instead, you have the option of just washing your beard with some warm water and no shampoo and conditioner.

Having residual products in your beard can potentially cause a lot of build-ups. This build-up in turn causes a lot of itchiness. This can be avoided by making sure that all the shampoo and conditioner have been rinsed out thoroughly

Dry your beard properly.

When you are done with cleansing and conditioning, remember to dry your beard correctly. Start by investing in the right towel. A regular cotton towel should not be used as it promotes frizz, tangles, split ends, and breakage.

Use a microfiber towel or a white shirt to dry your beard. Pat dry because rubbing causes frizz and your beard hair to appear spiky which could irritate your skin should they keep poking on it.


This should be done on a regular with or without shampoo to remove any dust, dirt, debris, or product build-up.


Sometimes, due to the amount of product we use regularly, a normal beard shampoo will not cut it. This is where exfoliation comes in. By the way, this means both for your skin and beard. You see when there is an accumulation of build-up, the pores are clogged resulting in itching.

Products like Dead Sea Salt and Coffee Scrub are amazing at exfoliating both skin and hair without causing any irritation because it is natural. Apply a pea size on your beard, skin and scrub gently. Then rinse off using warm water. You can do this once a week or bi-weekly to ensure that your beard and skin are fully clarified and ready for moisturizing.

Condition it.

Leave in conditioners such as beard butters help moisturize, soften and make hair a bit manageable. They ensure that your hair is not as prickly or as irritating to the skin.

One of the reasons why your beard is itchy is simply because it is dry. Dry skin tends to crack and become sensitive, itchy, and inflamed. Since your skin needs to be in great shape to accommodate for beard growth, ensure that it is well moisturized and protected from the sun.

Moisturizing your hair as well is important to reduce the risk of breakage, damage, and split ends. A good beard balm should lock in all that moisture giving your skin the break it needs whilst protecting it from dust and dirt.


Trim regularly.

Having an unkempt beard leads to hair that grows facing the wrong direction, pricking, tugging, and just being messy. Not to mention, the risk of having split ends and breakage are just as real. Trimming regularly ensures that your beard is flowy, healthy, and not itchy.

Trimming allows you to shape, tame, and cut off any split ends that could damage your strands even further.

Brush it.

Brushing may sound counter-intuitive but it does help keep your hair neat, tame any flyaways, and help get that itch by spreading natural oils evenly across the whole beard. One of the best brushes to use is the natural wooden bristle brush.

They are great at;

1) Bristle brushes distribute your hair’s natural oils with ease while smoothing the cuticle making healthy hair growth very achievable.

2) No matter how hard or soft the bristles are, they do not cause damage to the skin or thin hair out.

3) Because of how soft these bristles are, the brush is ideal for stimulating circulation to the follicle which in turn promotes hair growth.

4) They can lift away any dirt, dust, debris, and product build-up with ease.

5) They catch every hair by creating tension which in turn makes them the best at styling short hair.

In conclusion.

Whether your beard itch is caused by environmental problems, medical conditions, or product-based issues, there are some things you can do to have a healthier relationship with your beard. Eat healthily, and avoid artificial sweeteners, junk, fast foods, carbonated drinks, and alcoholic beverages. These foods cause breakouts that can cause skin irritation and hair damage. 

Always take a patch test before you start applying any product to ensure that it is compatible with your skin and will not cause any allergic reactions.

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