Let's talk about beard trimming

Let’s talk about “Beard Trimming”

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Growing a luscious, magnificent beard doesn’t happen overnight. It takes patience, time, the right food, exercise, and plenty of hard work to shape and maintain, which is why trimming your beard need to be a natural part of your monthly beard care routine. Unfortunately, many beard growers think it’s a hassle to do. It can be a soothing and relaxing achievement to do yourself.

In this blog, we’ll share a step-by-step guide on how to trim your beard right!

Step#1: Let’s prepare the tools we need.

Beard trimming is a delicate process, and you should only do it with the right products in front of you. This includes a beard brush, comb, clippers, moustache scissors and a cut throat razor for the perfect line up.

Additionally, you will need a natural shaving cream aka Hairy Man Care’s moisturizing shaving cream, a natural beard oil from Hairy Man Care to apply afterwards, beard shampoo and conditioner from Hairy Man Care beforehand to easily clean up your beard and finally, a natural aftershave aka Hairy Man Care’s Aloe vera moisturizer and aftershave to apply on shaved skin area which acts as a protective layer to your skin.

These products also prevent your face from getting irritated from freshly trimmed areas.

Step#2: Start with the beard shampoo and conditioner.

Using your Hairy Man Care’s beard shampoo and conditioner, gently wash your beard and dry it by using a face towel. Remember to press the towel on your face and beard through soft pats to avoid scratching or irritating your skin.

Step#3: Prep your beard and skin.

Using your beard brush and comb, gently brush against the grain to get your beard hair to stand out. This will make it easier to see which places need a trim since long strays will stick out. Do this for all parts of your beard, from behind your chin up to your mustache. Once this is done, lightly wet the skin area where you will be using the cutthroat razor and gently rub Hairy Man Care’s natural moisturizing shaving cream.

Step#4: Trim with your Cutting Tools.

Using your cutting tools, level your beard accordingly to match your preferred look. For people still dealing with beard growth, it’s important to trim lightly to avoid prolonging your beard’s ideal volume.

Use your clippers with a bigger guard to avoid cutting too short. Depending on how you want to shape your beard, you should watch how you trim. Once you’re done, you can use scissors to cut any strays and trim your moustache if needed.

When trimming your neckline and shaving for the perfect beard line up on the cheek area, you need to be careful and make sure the cut throat’s razor blade is sharp. Use Hairy Man Care’s natural moisturizing shaving cream for the cheek area and neckline, hold the cutthroat at about 30 degrees against the skin and then gently shave.

Too shallow and angle and you won't cut anything. Too steep, and you'll dig right in. With the first pass you should always follow the grain of the hair growth. After this, if you've missed some spots, try going diagonally across, or very carefully against, the grain. If you do the latter, the risk of nicks increases so make sure the other techniques we mentioned here are on point to minimize this risk. 

Step#5: Wash and Rinse your Beard

With your cutting tools out of the way, wash your face and beard to remove any loose hair. It also helps to apply beard oil to hydrate your face and prevent irritation from freshly cut hair.

Step#6: Moisturize your beard and skin

Use your favorite Hairy Man Care’s beard oil to massage onto your freshly trimmed beard and then use Hairy Man Care’s Aloe vera moisturizer and shaving cream to the shaved area. Remember, a little bit goes a long way and a gentle massage is all you need.


Once you’ve mastered the steps above, you’ll feel a lot better knowing you can handle your beard yourself. While self-beard trimming may be a standard hygienic practice, you’ll still need to receive a good sprucing from a professional barber.

So don’t forget to visit your favorite local barber and #supportlocalbarbers.

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