Top tips to keep your beard in the best condition this coming winter, by Hairy Man Care

Top Tips to keep your beard in the best condition this winter

 With the winter drawing nearer and the colder weather arriving, it is time to start thinking about looking after your beard and keeping it in the best condition possible. You might not realize, but the harsher winter weather can be incredibly damaging to your mane, resulting in you facing a dry and brittle beard.

 Thankfully, although the colder weather can wreak havoc on your beard, there are several top tips you can implement to keep yours in the very best condition possible.

 1)      Reduce your shampoo use

A top tip to keep your beard looking its best during the colder winter months is to cut back on the number of times you shampoo it. While keeping a clean beard is essential, too much use of shampoo will remove the natural moisture that is crucial to maintain a luscious and full beard during the winter.

 2)      Ditch the hot temperatures

Equally as important is to ditch those scalding hot showers. While it can be very tempting to spend some time under that warm flow of water, hot showers will strip your beard of its natural oils, resulting in brittle and dry hair.

 3)      Pat dry

When the ambient temperature is colder, running a hairdryer through your beard can seem like the most convenient option. However, this will result in drying your beard out and increasing the risk of split ends. Instead, pat your beard dry with a towel, as this helps to retain the natural moisture and keep your mane looking its very best.

 4)      Keep it combed

Far too many men forget to give their beard the regular grooming that it deserves. During the winter months, keeping your beard well brushed and combed is essential to ensuring that you can enjoy an even spread of Hairy Man Care's beard oil, butter and balm throughout each strand of hair, reducing the risk of a brittle or dry beard.

 5)      Keep it covered

Heading out on a particularly cold day? While the images of a rugged adventurer with the beard hanging out look great, it is incredibly damaging to the hair follicles and surrounding skin. That is why any time you head out during the winter months, you should cover your beard with a scarf to keep it protected from the damaging effects of the elements. 

 Looking to keep your beard in the best condition?

Are you looking to keep your beard in the very best condition during the colder winter months? There can be no denying that as the temperature drops, it can be harder to maintain that beautiful mane of hair, which is why here at Hairy Man Care, we offer a wide range of products designed to help you do just that.

 Since 2019, we have been providing with innovative products that will help you to maintain moisture, promote growth, and reduce hair loss, ensuring you can enjoy the very best beard possible. Want to find out more? Check out our full range of products here!

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