Why you should care about skin care?

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As we slowly dive into this new year which is upon us, and like many of you, I am aiming to slowly upgrade my life. Doing things like going back to the gym, and eating healthier are big commitments, but I have one for you that is only going to take you an extra 4 minutes a day and that is washing your face!

This is such an important step to incorporate into your self-care routine. As we say here at Hairy Man Care, "when you look good, you feel good" and having healthy skin is a sure fine way to be looking good. Its also a great way to combat that wonderful mask breakouts that everyone is dealing with these days. 

 When you are washing your face, much like washing your hands you are getting rid of all the nasty bacteria that has come into contact with your skin during the day. That’s not only all the air-borne particles but also when you touch your face, rub your eye, or when your kids forget about personal boundaries and somehow you end up with their lunch on your face. Its so important to get rid of all of that, because it clogs your skin up leading to acne, flakiness, and unevenness in the skin tone. 

When you are using a face wash, such as our locally produced Bee Honey and Neem face wash, it’s a great idea to use it in the mornings before you head out to conquer the world and to use it in the evening before you go to bed. That way you are getting rid of the days bacteria and also not tracking all that stuff onto your pillow. It’s an easy addition to your night time routine, and helps to let you let go of the day. Just put a small 5-10 cent coin sized piece in your hand and rub into your skin, leave for about twenty five seconds (I like to sing the chorus of one of my favorite songs haha) then rinse with cold water. Why cold water? because it helps to close the pores.

 Now your skin is all squeaky clean we need to put some of those oils back on there. I know it seems counterintuitive, especially if you have oily skin, but if your skin feels like its dry, it panics and over-produces oil and then you end up with even oilier skin. Using our best selling aloe-vera moisturizer helps hydrate the skin. This will help combat acne because your skin will feel all nice and not freak out about needing more oil, and help with skin dryness as well. 

We can’t have a Hairy Man Care blog without mentioning the beards and the best way to look after the skin under there is with one of our fantastic beard butters. These are perfect to use after a hot shower. They don’t just help with conditioning, but with the hot water opening up all your pores, its great way to moisturize the skin under there. To use, take a little chunk and warm between your hands until the butters have melted, then just get all up in there and rub through your beard. 

 We hope that this helps you up your everyday routine. As they say, you can’t pour from an empty cup and having a good skincare routine is good for our hearts and our faces.

Let's go into 2022 looking and feeling the best that we can, and that includes healthy skin!


Always remember,


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