How to Apply Beard Balm

Have you been on the hunt for men’s beard balms that can give you an impeccably kept mane that looks strong yet healthy and neat at the same time? The chase is finally over. Hairy Man Care has exactly what you need to keep your beard in pristine shape with a fresher and thicker texture. Plus, you can be rid of those unruly and annoying stray hairs that cannot be tamed by beard oils alone.

Not only do you get a more dapper-looking beard but one that is healthier and free of beardruff and itchy patches. Our amazing beard balms will reduce dandruff and prevent itchiness by keeping your mane clean and moisturised throughout the day. This is because we use the highest quality organic and natural ingredients that hydrate your skin and stimulate healthier beard growth.

How To Apply Hairy Man Care’s Beard Balms in Four Easy Steps

Step #1 – Get a Small Amount

Take out about a pea-sized amount using a finger. You can use your nail to scrape out the balm if you are finding it hard to take out the product.

Step #2 – Spread On Your Palms

Soften the balm by spreading it on your palms and using both hands to rub it around. The heat generated by rubbing will make it softer and easier to apply.

Step #3 – Rub It on Your Skin First

Using your fingers, rub it on the skin underneath your beard. Press it in thoroughly to ensure you get an even distribution throughout.

Step #4 – Put It on Your Beard

Start putting the balm on your beard by rubbing your open hands in a swiping motion from the bottom and slowly working your way up. You can then use a beard comb or brush to spread the product evenly and get rid of little chunks. Once done, now you’re ready to take on the world!

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Why Choose Hairy Man Care?

Premium Quality That Delivers Results

You will get nothing less than highest quality products that deliver on their promise of providing you with healthier, cleaner, and more amazing-looking beard, skin, and hair. But you don’t have to take our word for it. All you must do is see the 1000’s + five-star reviews that we have received from delighted and satisfied customers throughout Australia. They can all attest to the quality results that we deliver, and we are proud to say that all of them have become our loyal life-long customers.

All Natural, Organic, and Cruelty-Free

You will be using all natural, organic, and cruelty-free products made from Mother Nature’s best ingredients and without harmful chemicals. We utilise organic coconut oil, organic hemp seed oil, sweet almond oil, vitamin E oil, organic jojoba oil, castor oil, organic argan oil, olive oil, organic shea butter, cocoa butter, mango butter, kaolin clay, bentonite clay, aloe vera juice, beeswax, and other natural and organic ingredients. All our products are developed and manufactured using the traditional methodology which do not involve cruelty to animals.

Proudly Handmade and Owned by Aussies

You will receive products that are proudly handmade in Perth, Western Australia. We take pride in being an Aussie-owned company that is truly passionate about handcrafting exceptional and innovative products through traditional methods. With our unmatched dedication and complete understanding of what men really need, we have taken great care in designing and engineering highly effective men’s grooming products that do exactly what they say they are going to do for you.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time for you to invest in yourself and join the Hairy Man Care revolution!

Based on 3386 reviews
Beard Growth Kit
Chisala B.

Been using the beard serum every night for the past 10 days and I must say I already feel the difference in the thickness of my beard.

Noticeable difference without it

After receiving my pack of oils and tub of balm I noticed a big difference in the look and feel of my beard after applying it.

On the odd day where I haven't used it I definately notice the difference in the look and feel of my beard.

It is so quick and easy to apply and smells so good. 👍🏻

Best Bodywash

Fantastic product! Only need a small amount. Feels and smells amazing.

Beard Growth Kit

Great product

It must be good that's why I bought 2 more bottles Cheers 🍻

5 x Mini Beard Oil Pack

5 Mini Beard oil pack

This pack is a great way to sample the oils. The hard part is choosing a favourite!

Hairy Man products

Great service. Great products. Very impressed. Would recommend to anyone.

Mini beard oil

Love the fact they come in mini bottles that’s a nice price an get to try other oil you before you buy bigger bottles
Out of the five the caramel flavour one was the best!!



Beard Growth Kit
Nathan D.

I received my pack and when I unpacked it, I noticed the dermaroller case was cracked. Might have been with aussie post. But I gave the guys a ring and spoke with Alfie. He was super helpful and sent me another case on the house. Now hows that for customer service!

5 stars to the guys at hairyman

Flame scent is my go to choice. This is my 5th order and I cant get enough of the flame.

Needs an adapter if purchased from outside of Australia. But looks kool!

Such a great product. The scent is absolutely out of this world. Can still smell it on your skin hours after the shower. Plus no more skin irritation!!!! Just wish I bought more but will definitely be coming back for it and the other two bodywashes, cannot wait to try them!!!

Beard on brothers!!!

Old School Quality and Mystique

First delivery was today. Obviously thoughtful research went into the balm and beard oil: their scent and texture is perfect. I think you done captured the mojo hairy man. Ned Kelly's ghost says hi.

Luv the smell of it and lasts all day and makes the beard super smooth

What next guys??!! Your beard oils are the best I have ever put on my beard

Onto the 3rd month guys and happy to report that my moustache is finally connected to my goetee.! Happy days

Tip My Hat

The oils are Fantastic,The scents are a bonus
But more Importantly,The Man Behind the Beard, Alf,You Sir are a shining example,a Beacon of Masculinity and Solid Foundation of Character
Look Forward to the Day I meet and Shake this Man's Hand
Gentlemen,Be proud You're a Man,Masculinity is Needed in Today's world,Stand Tall,Stand Proud,Flex You Beard Kunfu with these Awesome scented Beard Oils
Remember to Invest in Your Mental Fitness,Fit body fit mind,get into nature,find Your passion
There's Strength in getting Help
Start The Conversation Now, Today
Tomorrow May Be To Late For You, Me Or a Mate #m8ruok


Luv the scent i luv any scent that has oud in it


Deep Masculine smell

One thing I can say for sure with Hairyman care, besides their great quality products is that there is always something for someone, always a scent for an occasion.

Hunter beard oil is nothing short from amazing, having tried it in the 5 mini sample pack, I fell in love with it.

Consistency is great, the smell has your earthy, musky, manly smell. I find it works well in all weather occasions, And bonus points if you prefer perfumes that also have that earth or musky smell to it.

Beard oils

5 different scented oils in the pack , I like all of them, the oil itself is great, my beard feels great